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The Blue Roses are the bruises you get along the way in life, the ones who make you stronger, the ones who are part of who you are… It’s a long way to find yourself, another long one to be able to reveal yourself, without fear or shame, just the way you want to be.

The House of Blue Rose already exist in an unofficial way since 2000, the Legendary Blue Rose Club in Ibiza used to welcome any burlesque performer, no matter their nationality, color, age, background or gender. If you were good or had potential, you could fire that stage every night.

Now the former performers are teaching the next generation, not just to be an artist but to explore your own potential in your own way, with Tips & Tricks from the original sisters, support as a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry, classes to help you find which kind of girl you are and how to translate it into body-language, fashion, style…

The classes are designed for TS-TV-TG women, wherever they just started to find their way or they are already at it for some times. Actually, if you have found yourself, we’d be happy to have you as a kind of Godmother for our students, to share your experience with us. In the tradition of the American Ballroom Scene, the House of Blue Rose is a new home, where you can built your own family, share everything and count on each other.

What We Do

We help you find the woman in yourself. this amazing beautiful person what the world doesn’t know yet.
It’s not only about your look, your fashion but also about body-language, speech and movements.
We propose all kind of classes, workshops, private sessions and group meetings to help you navigate the “Girly World” with ease and confidence.
We also provide you a place to feel home and meet other girls who face the same challenges.

Your questions

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Our Services

Our services are mainly to be viewed in 4 categories:

Those are group meetings with classes (styling, body-languages or other) and eventually a photoshoot in the end.
Each workshop has a different theme, so you can find something you like…

Some of my visitors are quite shy, so I propose privat appointments on demand.
I also like to meet one on one those who visit for the 1st time or who need  complete starter’s help, it’s nicer to get to know each other and to find out how I can help. Send me a Mail or call me to arrange a private meeting.

Once you have a great look and make-up, you want to show it!
We go out in daytime to museums, cafes, shops and at night in restaurants, bars or clubs.
We can also arrange a special event for a birthday or a hen-party if you wish.

When there is an event that interest some of you, just let us know and we organise a meeting and outing all together.
For example, we walk the CSD parade each year, attend some regular parties or go to concerts and shows.
We’re open to new ideas, so just send us suggestions. The outing is taking place as soon as minimum 4 people are interested to join.



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Our Team

Shabba Blue Rose
the boss who does it all...
Oliver Marquardt
Thomas Haefele
Photographer & Make-Up assistant
Marie Sophie
Event Assistant
Upcoming ....

Workshops, Events, Meetings

because it's important too...


Just MtF Make-up
119 €
1-2 hours
Before an event or an outing, get your transformation Make-up done
Bring your lashes or get some here
Wig/lashes/accessories not included
1st time Transformation
(Face & Hair)
249 €
Find the woman in you and her new face!
3-4 hours incl. Make-up test & personalised tutorial
Cosmetic tips for home
Try up to 30 wigs to find your style
Shopping for your cosmetics together
Full MtF Transformation for beginners
399 €
Full day appointment
1st time Transformation program included
Body-language & Bodyshaping
Find your style according to your type and your ideal
Shopping Tour En Femme to for getting your basics
Privat Stunde
50 €
1 hour just for you
Consultation / Shopping / Sawing ...
Body-language / Walking on heels
Classes on demand
Tell me what you need
Photo Workshop
149 €
5-6 hours in a group
Make-up & Styling Class
Coaching in front of the camera
Fotoshoot with 30 photos
Digital files included
Drag Make-up Pro
299 €
3 Hours
Get a full Drag Make-up
with McChow - celebrity MUA
look fabulous like a Pro
wig/accessories/outfit/shoes not included
Drag Day for 2
599 €
5 - 6 hours
Full Drag Make-up & Styling for 2 people
Wigs/props/outfits/shoes included (in the limit of our wardrobe)
Fotoshoot with 20 photos
Digital files included
nice to meet

Our Partners

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